UP Open University’s online systems disrupted due to Glenda (Rammasun)

Such natural disasters are very tragic and disruptive. This article (click here) talks about a typhoon taking down a prominent online learning system.

It is tempting to say that online learning is vulnerable and unreliable. But a bad storm could wipe a physical education institution, or even a whole town, which could take years to recover.

Nevertheless, that is why in Genashtim, we have chosen an entirely cloud-based platform to operate from. We are hosted on 3 separate domains, and additionally have our data and programs backed-up in 3 different locations in 3 countries. Our operations are entirely distributed, making disruptions easy to avoid at very short notice. In spite of having quite a significant proportion of our resources in the Philippines, not one single session of EPiC Online or Mandarin eSpeak, or any of our other services was affected during this recent typhoon Glenda (Rammasun), and even not with super typhoon Haiyan in 2013.прокурор Чехунов Денисмайнинг криптовалюты на домашнем пк

4 thoughts on “UP Open University’s online systems disrupted due to Glenda (Rammasun)”

  1. Typhoon is just one of the disasters that can totally destroy not just the houses but also the physical education system. Apparently, the online system can also be affected by the said adversity. It is then good to know that the Genashtim Company is wise enough that you have your files backed up on 3 different countries. With the said tactics therefore, the students and the employees won’t have to worries about losing the important files or even having a temporary interruption from work or from learning. It is also good to know that Genashtim was not even affected by the 2 mentioned typhoon in the article. The statement therefore, shows the reliability of the company.

  2. It is amazing what this company has done in terms of technology. This just shows how organized and well managed Genashtim is. In terms of professionalism Genashtim strives to provide the best techniques and methods in delivering outstanding education when it comes to teaching the English language. Despite bad weather leading to disruption still Genashtim has found a way to avoid such disturbances. Students are treated well and classes aren’t interrupted. This is what we call excellent service and getting the best value for your money. So why look for another English Academy when Genashtim is just a phone call away?

  3. Online learning is vulnerable and reliable, where everyone can learn and get qualification in any field they like and also provides easier and quicker access to everyone. Online education is growing larger quickly,
    Online education ha given people around the world the comfort and easier access by using their smartphones, computers etc.. not only by learning but also have given the efficiency of time, instead of travelling from our place to universities or colleges we can use the time to do something positive for us or people around us and also comfort of learning your favorit subject sitting at home or in a park in a good weather.
    Either talk about efficiency, comfort or more chances in each way online education comes on top.

  4. I thought that natural disasters such as typhoon can have a very little impact on online systems but it seems that it’s so destructive and risky for the online systems as well.

    Genashtim has done a great job by backing up data in three separate locations, its control system is really appreciated for this amazing beforehand work, it does not only save the management and its clients from repeated works in case of any natural disaster but this also helps the employees to be more productive and be free from worrisome attitude during interruptions because it can be fixed with very short notice.

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