Singapore Minister for Manpower talks about Genashtim and EPiC Online

Opening Address by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister for Manpower at the Adult Learning Symposium 2014 “Transforming CET: Innovation in Workplace Practice and Learning”, 10 July 2014, 9:15 AM, Raffles City Convention Centre.

Item 9.
Genashtim Innovative Learning is a Singapore company that decided to develop and launch its own brand of online learning programmes. One such programme, the EPiC Online, allows live one-on-one, face-to-face English language coaching service. EPiC Online can be further customised with role play and actual problem scenarios to help e-learners to practise English in their work situations. This e-learning programme has been adopted by multinational companies such as McDonalds and Holiday Inn Singapore to train their staff.

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2 thoughts on “Singapore Minister for Manpower talks about Genashtim and EPiC Online”

  1. This generation which we called the computer age makes a lot of advantages in human’s life. One of these is the online learning program which is the EPIC Online. Because its nature allows live one-on-one, face-to-face English language coaching service, you must only meet the requirements, work online and don’t need to travel far.

    In the case of persons with disabilities, this is more advantageous for them because, blatantly, they can work at home and no worry about traffic. In addition to this, Even though they are only facing their computer, it can still be further customized with role play and actual problem scenarios to help them in their work situations.

  2. Well,I can say that Genashtim has done a superb job by providing EPiC online. Firstly,the multinational coaches that EPiC Online has make English learning more effective as students are able to cross-communicate with coaches of different accents,as well as different English education backgrounds. Next,the ‘live one-to-one’ session is also an effective tool,allowing students to have their doubts on the English language answered on the spot by their respective coaches. Education is not a luxury to disabled individuals in some parts of the world due to certain factors such as inaccessible landscapes,uncivillized public perspective towars PWDs,etc. however,disabled individuals have been given the golden opportunity to learn English with ease by Genashtim through EPiC Online. Based on these reasons,apart from others,it is conspicuous that EPiC Online by Genashtim is truly a great English learning asset for not only PWDs,but also for any potential English learners.

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