The Flip Classroom

A couple of years ago, a seasoned educator friend explained the Flip classroom concept to me.

Traditionally, a teacher would stand in front of a class and deliver a topic or subject to the class. At the end of it, the teacher would give some homework to the students. When the students are home, they will try to do the homework, trying very hard to recall what was taught in class, and to apply it to the homework. What mostly happens is that the student will try to get help from an elder sibling, or parents. And very often this will eventually lead to private tutoring.

In the Flip classroom, when the students are home, they watch videos on the topic or subject which the teacher is supposed to deliver in class. This could be a video done by the teacher, or any relevant video on the topic from anywhere. This can be augmented by other online tools like animation, quizzes, etc.

When the students come to class, they do their homework i.e. try to apply the knowledge. And the teacher there is there to help and guide them.

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  1. I believe the flip classroom idea is brilliant. Change in the environment used to teach students haven’t changed much.
    Usually hard working perants and adults should go to work prepared with what they should be doing on that day… A student might learn beter by examining the problem/exercise alone at first, perhaps later on if more help is needed the teacher can assist in a class room.

  2. The idea of Flip Classroom is simply brilliant. The students will listen to the explanation of a particular topic without any interruption. This will enable them to understand at least at least an overview of the subjects. Meanwhile, by having online tools such as animation, quizzes and etc will enhance the understanding of the students for the topic. This idea will enabled the teachers to identify students who have difficulty in understanding and immediately assist them. As a result, no students will be left behind. Thus, the idea of Flip classroom should be implemented in this modern era in line with the advancement of the technology.

    1. It’s profoundly stupendous Thomas!

      Time is of great essence when it comes to learning as students usually miss most of the lessons in the traditional model of classroom instruction while on the other hand, flip classroom totally covers all those lacking areas like students can easily access to the required materials and learn them at any given time online without being under much pressure and stress by their guardians and also enabling them to be more engaging in sports and exercises which will make them even more innovative and well-grounded.

      And this model of education is also very useful and applicable especially for the physically disabled people as they can sit at home and learn anything that they want and can become a significant part of the society by sharing their experience and knowledge to others and feel cherished, useful and productive.

  3. The FLIP classroom concept is innovative and progressive. It’s a new learning model that meets the demands of the information age while still incorporating educational processes that enable learning. It perfectly fits into any STEM centered curriculum, and could lead to greater exploits in the educational, literacy and elearning sectors. On a foundational level, the idea that it also leads to well defined assessments and private tutoring solutions that provides a methodology to understanding the various learning processes and aptitudes of students is impressive as well. The concept brings to mind that technological innovation in education has so many bonuses and we’re on the path to groundbreaking strategies that takes learning to a whole new level. On the flip side, care should be taken to preserve the social aspect of learning. As technology grows and has been documented to breed growing levels of introversion and independent learning, this may not be an advisable strategy to fully introduce to the young learner. The social aspect of learning has its advantages, and shouldn’t be tossed to the consequences of innovation. Also, its equally imperative to consider the effects of the the digital divide. These are some of the cons that should be highly considered and studied as the flipped classroom concept is further developed. While the concept is innovative and impressive, in all new concepts, there must be planned future development strategies and considerations taken into account. In other words, the pros and cons must be weighed and taken into factor as you grade the success and feasibility of this concept. As an educator and researcher, my educated guess would to segment and control the ages and educational levels of the end users.

    1. Thank you Laurat, for your very balanced view on this topic. The idea of a flipped classroom does not do away with the physical classroom. The idea is that the physical classroom time should be dedicated to application of the learning. So in fact, this enhances the social aspect of learning.

  4. The Flip Classroom
    Foreign students whose medium of instruction is not English in their home country now can ‘learn beyond the classroom’. The Flip Classroom approach is one adopted by a few private institutions in Singapore offering degree programs to overseas foreign students as post-class support. These students can now access teaching videos on the student portal online. They can Pause, Replay or Repeat a video on a topic they were taught in a tutorial class. This is a boon to these foreign students whose first language is not English and whose subject teacher may not be a native speaker of English. It eliminates the need for private tutoring if the video lesson has a quiz at the end to test comprehension. This e-learning lesson also enables the students studying in a host country to take ownership of their own learning journey. They come to classes more prepared and the online tools may have whetted their appetite to learn more about a particular topic.

    For the teacher designing a lesson plan for the online space, it means he or she can pay special attention to slower learners in the Student’s Forum where they can be coached through a Q & A section and given the necessary handholding. Peer mentoring can also take place where stronger students are appointed as ‘administrators’ to answer the questions posed by weaker students on any given subject. The Flip Classroom model can be extended to social media platforms such as Facebook and not just restricted to the school’s student portal. Teachers can form a Private Facebook Group, invite their students to join as Members, and post relevant links from YouTube videos as teaching resources, for instance. As a former Head of School for Business English, I have seen this happen for a particular cohort of students and this approach has proved to be very beneficial. It resulted in the English lecturer being voted for the “Lecturer of the Year” award!

  5. Most important is the decision of the student, regardless the age, to dedicate time to learn, play or concentrate. Having all the weapons to do it, or re-do it, especially if it is a game, is a valuable successful learning tool, method or method unit with guidance of a teacher.

  6. In my opinion, the concept of flip classroom is quite boring for the student to study now a day. The teacher should be more interactive with their students so that the student could be study in a fun environment. For example, the teacher can prepare some interesting games when delivery certain topic in the classroom so that the students will be more understanding with what they have learn.

  7. I believe that would work perfectly fine. It won’t get rid of traditional way of teaching. It teaches the student to be more disciplined to accomplish things by their own and practice their creativity at the same time, even when they’re at home. That’s pretty awesome for me! I believe. It’s like teaching a child do some household chores. In this time of internet era, we’d really need to maximize every child’s resources. There are a lot of disturbances or interruption in every child’s learning. Such as online games, instead of suppressing them of that, why don’t we use that tool to make their learning process be more exciting?

  8. It’s a new and efficient way for not only children but also for adults who are still studying and may not be open into getting a personal tutor. Students can replay a part which they’re having difficulty with without them disturbing the whole class in these online classrooms. Though it may have “minimal” interaction with a real teacher, it will give way for a student to focus more on the subject at hand and give him the independence to do it by themselves.

    1. It is a misguided notion that in a classroom, it is all “interaction” with the teacher, or the trainer. In reality the learners are just listening to the teacher/trainer much like watching a video. The amount of time that a teacher/trainer actually engages with a learner in the classroom is normally between minimal and none at all. Think about it – in a room with 30 learners; how many actually have direct interaction with the teacher/learner? Furthermore, with a video, you can replay anything which you missed or which you need a bit more time to understand. In a classroom environment, how often do you think a learner asks the teacher/trainer to repeat what was said?

  9. I think the idea of a flip classroom is awesome and brilliant especially nowadays that students are more engage in using gadgets as a indirect way of learning new things. And I do believe that it is more likely easily to understand and remember things and knowledge when we see it or watching topics about it instead of just listening from our teacher’s explanation. In a way it also a good way to nurture the students imagination and creativity.

  10. I believe that all the things has its own positive and negative side. Flip classroom maybe good for students to be more independent in learning, like in doing their homework and projects . But in my opinion it may also sacrifice the bond that may create upon seeking help with other family members when doing the traditional way of learning. And I also believe that parents should have also their part in teaching child and monitor on how is she/he is doing in school.

  11. I think it’s more efficient methodology of teaching instead of traditional teachings. This is a useful way to change the standards of education so as to involve students to learn in a fun way. It provides a productive result to focus on conceptual knowledge rather than factual recall. It is much more comprehensible to learn from watching videos or using any online tools, it also gains student interest. Any relevant resource could be picked by the teacher and assigned to students online that will assist their creativity and capacity. It also bring opportunities for students to do things on their own. So yes! Flip classroom is a brilliant idea.

  12. I personally believe that it is the best way to educate yourself. It provides you with the confidence you need to succeed in life, when you are watching or learning through internet prior to your lecture or class, you basically go to the class to add up on what you have learned before, whereas if you go to the class without having any knowledge of what you will be taught, you get overloaded and it is hard to take in all at once. Therefore, I can say that it is a wonderful and strong idea, which would put every one at ease from the stress of what will be next.

  13. The flip classroom is a very good and beneficial way to teach the students, but not in every country because of the financial situation and the people,
    some people may not access a good internet or a good phone so what should they do?
    in my idea, the process of the making video for the students at home is a little bit harder because of equipment of making the video or editing it; probably the government will solve the problem with the equipment and the editing should be that they have to find a specific person to edit it so there will be no problem with flip classroom if the government of the country help and in some situations they do not .

  14. In the traditional model of classroom instruction, the teacher is typically the central focus of a lesson and the primary disseminator of information during the class period. Besides, in fact, the method of teaching is same for many decades likewise; learners from 19th & 20th century are the best instance for the way they have been learning. Student engagement in the traditional model may be limited to activities in which students work independently or in small groups on an application task designed by the teacher. In the other words, century to century educational system should be evolutionary in the system of education the best example is flipped classrooms. The teacher responds to questions while students defer directly to the teacher for guidance and feedback. In a classroom with a traditional style of instruction, individual lessons may be focused on an explanation of content utilizing a lecture-style. Class discussions are typically centered on the teacher, who controls the flow of the conversation. Typically, this pattern of teaching also involves giving students the task of reading from a textbook or practicing a concept by working on a problem set, for example, outside of school.

    In addition, Majority of the learners are various to get things differently. Specifically, the shy student’s who can’t ask the question while they mentor has gone to the other chapters. This method is the best for them to take their time and play again the video as much as it’s possible for them to understand the modules. The flipped classroom intentionally shifts instruction to a learner-centered model in which class time explores topics in greater depth and creates meaningful learning opportunities, while educational technologies such as online videos are used to ‘deliver content’ outside of the classroom. In 21st century technology has developed in shape of education, transports or even medicals. While students are the future so we need to teach them and let them guide the way.

    Traditionally, in a flipped classroom, ‘content delivery’ may take a variety of forms. Often, video lessons prepared by the teacher or third parties are used to deliver content, although online collaborative discussions, digital research, and text readings may be used. It has been shown that the ideal length of the video lesson to be is eight to twelve minutes and as by doing the homework at home going to the depth of topics exploring internet getting various information which will help them not for the one topic but different topics.

    As a result, a teacher’s interaction with students in a flipped classroom can be more personalized and less didactic, and students are actively involved in knowledge acquisition and construction as they participate in and evaluate their learning plus it’s the time to have evolution in education and see the positive results.

  15. I think the idea of flip classroom is pretty great!
    From my own experience working at a refugee school, this method would prove very efficient. A large number of our students are the only educated members of their family, thus making it very difficult for them to complete their homework at home while having no literate parent or siblings to help and guide them through the process. If this style of teaching were to be applied in our school, it would help the students tremendously in many different ways, most of which you have already mentioned. They could easily use their phone, tablet or laptop to watch the instructional videos as many times as they want and then do their homework at school in the presence of a teacher and/or trainer who is ready to provide support whenever the students need it.

  16. The Flip Classroom is the required method of teaching in this era.
    As we all know this generation is the generation of technology by applying this method beside teaching the specific course it would make them much independent and will help them to get used to technologies.
    As being a member of Refugee Learning Center i know parents of about 80% of the students are illiterate and unable to help their children with their studies, it would help the parents to make their children use their phone, tablet or computer in a useful way.

  17. Providing the videos for student is to let them engage themselves with the lesson willingly, which is giving much more better result than they are in the classroom and maybe some of them are out of the chance to ask questions from the teacher. as I experienced some of them are not willing to ask questions even they do not understand the lesson it simply means that they are more comfortable to learn at home by watching the videos over and over again to solve their problems.
    And also if the students face a problem at home so they are going to ask help of somebody who is familiar with which is also effective because he/she could ask whatever without filling shy or….etc which is not possible to be done in the classroom.
    videos are effective when used to develop information literacy, using a student survey to measure the effectiveness of video lectures. Video based materials boost students’ creativity and cooperation. Access to video can help motivate students and create a distinctive context for their learning experience.

  18. That is quite cool, Thomas!

    The Flip classroom is a step to effective learning.

    I personally firmly oppose the idea of homework. Homework and learning have different objectives. Homework is just to keep the students busy with loads of works at home while learning is to engage them with interesting yet informative activities.

    The flip classroom idea supports the latter. This idea has been successful in Finland where their high school graduation rate is 93% as compare to Canada, 78%, and the U.S, 75%.

    In the Flip classroom idea, which was introduced to you by your educator friend, teachers with strong commitment play a vital role to provide platform where the students feel the liberty to explore their true selves rather than being entangled with loads of homework.

    I will share this idea with my staff at HELP for Refugees learning centre.

  19. The idea of flip classroom is very appealing, especially within the refugee community where many of the parents are not well educated enough to fulfill the expected role of a tutor. This absence of a teacher at home may very well be filled by the presence of an online teacher. However this possibility is not without its limitations. Refugees who mostly come from a low socio-economic background may struggle with the limited availability of electronic gadgets, internet and most importantly, people who are willing to invest time in guiding them through this type of mode of delivery.

  20. I believe the flip classroom can be very useful if the educator try to choose videos that are most relevant to the lesson plus they have to keep it mind that it shouldn’t end up boring and incomprehensible so the students get passionate about seeing and reviewing it again and again and the significant point is that parents can easily watch that videos and be informed about the subject and teaching method.
    It’s a great way to learn but along with the educators efforts learners or students are also obligated to try their best to get the best out of it and reach to the main point that educator is trying to deliver to them.

  21. Flipped classroom is very effective…
    A flipped classroom is a modern strategy that reverses the traditional learning by delivering the content through videos that students are able to peruse outside the classroom also. Flipped classroom is a kind of multicultural class that students are able to join across the globe because students are in digital world, so students can join discussion from each the corner of the world.
    Students watch videos and are ready for the coming topic. The students are able to be engaged and search for information through media. It gives the students a choice to get more knowledge about the topic not only rely to their teacher. We can called it centered learning.
    In other hand, the students are focusing on their tasks because everyone is sure that in online discussion each of them has to take part, so it makes the students active to search and prepare for discussion. They have more control on discussion. Teacher provide brainstorming classroom through question, discussion and expression. It engaged students in the class instead of taking their time at home. Flip changed the traditional class to joyful for students.
    Though, it has some issues, but it is very effective and making the environment attractive for students.

  22. The flip classroom is a good way to be away from any stress and apprehension . Some of students have Anxiety infront of their teacher and class fellow so they can watch related video made by teacher or any other sources at home with numerous calm.
    I do agree with this learning method , watching related video of the session will make them more ready than doing homework because sometimes they get help from elders to do homework.
    A person who wanna achieve to the top of a summit, he/she needs to go through this way .
    As I teach in a refugee school, we can apply this method at school and we will see the result ; I believe that Flip classroom is really good method and it is effective.
    Doing homework at home is not satisfactory mostly, because sometimes they get help from elders and sometimes they do their homework without any consideration.
    I am really impressed with the Flip classroom ,it aid the students to go through the way for achieving their goals.

  23. I think the idea of the flip classroom is brilliant! Nowadays children are more engaged with gadgets. Students will easily understand, remember things and gain more knowledge. Instead of just listening with their teacher they can also watch and learn more with the video. But parents should also check on their kids and do their part in teaching their kids so they would also know how their kids do well in their studies.

  24. Flip classroom is a new strategy which seems very effective for new generation it will bring significant positive changes, it will engage all students during the class, boosts their intelligence and creativity, provide learners freedom and equal opportunities but it needs high level of attention for each student during the class, in some cases it may not work very well because some students may not study at home or due to some reasons they can’t,though flip classroom have many advantages there are also some countries where currently flip classroom strategy can not be implemented .
    There is also a need of special medical research about the effects of using different technological devices for children health.

  25. I believe that flip classroom its help students to remember and to work hard at home by practicing their lesson from videos about the lesson they have in class. as student I had problem to remember the lesson and the do my homework fast and understand the lesson that I learn in classroom so I did search about me lesson to understand better and to prepare my homework . It is nice idea and It’s helping students those Who cannot afford private tutoring.

  26. Flip classroom is one of the best and effective systems. This system makes the student to be active and mobilized even stirring the idle students.

    In today’s world every second person is familiar with electronic devices. Willy­-nilly the students use electronic devices for deferent proposes like watching useless video, playing game, using social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Using this device in wrong way causes deferent kinds of personal and social problems too. Instead, this great facility let us to get the most beneficial usages. One of the positive usages is flip classroom. Through this helpful system, the students will be very interested to follow the lessons carefully and learn the most. Flip classroom is blessing and need of today’s education system.

  27. The idea of flip classroom helps to cover some gaps on our traditional educational system. This new innovative approach gives students a new way of learning that is in line with the new technology era from now on. The traditional classroom that has been criticized and considered to have some improvement – one of the solution is flip classroom.

    The end goal of teaching and learning should be how the knowledge and understanding the students have learnt can be applied – how to reach out those who are deprived of educational rights and those with every capacity.

    The main application of the knowledge is very important in our teaching and learning. Flip classroom gives the opportunity for this to take place. Students can study through watching videos which a very effective learning methodology. They have easy access to their questions without even bothering their teachers.

    Application-based learning is one of highest levels of thinking according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. This approach of learning involves using acquired knowledge—solving problems in new and more practical ways.
    This kind of creativity must be appreciated and encouraged. The idea of combining the new wave of technology with traditional teaching must grow on and on. We need more innovative people for the sake of a qualitative, innovative and creative society.

  28. The idea of the flip classroom is innovative and effective more than our traditional educational system. It’s a good way of learning without too much pressure on students because students have more control over their own learning. Flipped classrooms allow class time to be used to master skills through collaborative projects and discussions. This encourages students to teach and learn concepts from each other with the guidance of their teachers. But one of the most prominent issues is the necessity for students to have access to a computer and Internet in order to view the lectures. This is particularly hard for students from low-income districts who already have limited access to resources. And it relies on trusting students to watch the lectures at home. unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee students will oblige or cooperate with the flipped model.

  29. The concept of flip classroom is greater than traditional classroom. A teacher can guide students to do their homework in a better way by being experienced. Students will be more attentive to do their homework with interest due to being comfortable and having their mind on one side. Doing their homework in a classroom with one another make them confident and give them different ideas. On the other side, being in a traditional classroom, students will remain alone with their thoughts by mismatching their ideas with their adults due to being inexperienced. Also, students will not have their parent’s concentration and time for their guidance by having their minds spread on their other responsibilities.

  30.  That’s a great way to learn.  One thing I like about technology is that, it makes living and learning easy. In a traditional classroom, the teacher, sometimes, gets irritated when he has to repeat himself over and over again for students to understand.  However, with access to video and other online tools, students are able to replay video as many times as they please until they fully understand the content. It also  helps students learn at their own pace.

    Students with low retentive memory will also benefit alot from having access to stored lecture video to play even before examination.  

  31. I am a product of distance learning, meaning, I studied at home. Graduated my high school and unfinished my college at the very comfort of our home which my late foster mother enrolled nine of us adopted physically handicap children to. It used to be called alternative learning, where the school sent me the modules for self study then take the exam in their center. The flip classroom is the same but innovative recreation of learning. The concept is maybe something new and very different from the conventional but I think the fundamentals of this is being innovative and inspired.

  32. Higher education has been pressured to shift towards more flexible, effective, active, and student-centered teaching strategies that makes less severe the limitations of traditional transmittal models of education. Lately, the flipped classroom model has been suggested to support this transition. However, research on the use of flipped classroom in higher education is in its infancy and little is known about student’s perceptions of learning through flipped classroom. The perceptions of flipped classroom in general, video as a learning tool, and Moodle (Learning Management System) as a supporting tool within the frame of a flipped classroom model. It results and revealed that a large majority of the students had a positive attitude towards flipped classroom, the use of video and Moodle, and that a positive attitude towards flipped classroom was strongly correlated to perceptions of increased motivation, engagement, increased learning, and effective learning. Low achievers significantly reported more positively as compared to high achievers with regards to attitudes towards the use of video as a learning tool, perceived increased learning, and perceived more effective learning.
    In my opinion flipped classroom is one of the best choice to build and enhance students knowledge to a better extend for a better output.

  33. Flip classroom is a brilliant concept as it is an innovative approach for learning and teaching. This will encourage students in taking ownership with their learning. This approach will provide opportunities for students to be a self-directed learner and also would enable students to be able to self-regulate their time and learning strategies. Students engage and learn better when given choices rather than being pushed to study by the old traditional method. With our current advancing technology, I’m hoping that Flip Classroom method will be implemented globally as this would be the next phase of learning for our children. The struggle with the traditional method of learning is real as we have encountered it first hand and hoping that future generations would benefit from The Flip Classroom method.

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