Innovation is not just about Technology

Whilst I keep preaching that with technology and the internet, we can reach most parts of the world, there are areas which are still not yet quite there.

This example of an innovative solution for children who do not even have a desk in the classroom is one which I wish I had thought of (click here).

Innovation is indeed a mindset, and not just about technology. We have to keep thinking of better ways to do things, and to solve problems.прокурор Чехунов Денислобановский класс

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  1. Nowadays, when you ask people about innovation, they usually response you that innovation is the rapid invention of technology. But, innovation is not just about technology.

    For me, the real meaning of innovation is how you able to help those marginalized and less fortunate people to gain knowledge and how to adapt in a rapid changing world. It is how you become their backbone to build up their own life and bright tomorrow. If you are a teacher, you can be innovative person by reaching out these people and let them see their hidden intelligence by means of bringing out the best in them.

  2. Innovation is a mindset, not just technology – now here’s something I want to here more often. Though I want to mention another ingredient, and that is determination and a heart to see real change in our society. This I believe what Mr. Ng and the group behind the Help Desk project genuinely have – determination and innovation. Determination is the what and innovation is the how. We need these two in order for us to see the problems and gaps that need solving and additionally how we can provide solution in the most effective and practical ways.

    P.S. Seeing those students in India with smile and excitement on their faces while being handed with the Carton bag/desk are quite inspiring. Though I wonder how will it be when it rains, the carton seems so fragile to elements.

  3. Innovation is an evolution of one concept to another until it reached the goal of development. It is not limited to the use of technology or even on the discoveries in the field of science. Its life must stream from the mind of every human and how they affectively accept it and finally act on it, in order for innovation to flourish. This can lead towards continuous and greater search for learning. Concrete and efficient action follows until it produce visible, concrete and reliable outcome. To achieve the true essence of innovation, there must be balance on both human and nature. Identifying the process how it can be done must be understood. The misconception for some is that innovation is possible but there must be a sacrificial lamb. We must bear in mind that a Win-Win solution always the best choice. To compromise is not an option. The decision and action lies on how the person gives importance to innovation while valuing humanity and maintains balance in ecology. This makes innovation worthy even for the next generation.

  4. Innovation is not just about technology, in my own opinion innovation is a process that involves people,technology and society.
    If you want to adapt yourself to the modernization of our society today, you must discover what are your strengths and how to develop it continuously.
    At the same time, you can use your strengths to be a productive individual,share your talents and skills to other people.

  5. Well innovation for me shouldn’t only be about technology. It should be a way of living for each and everyone of us to come up with a way to make situation and life around us and the future generation simpler and more comfortable. So yes innovation is not only about technology, infact it’s way beyond that.

  6. Commenting on “Innovation is not just about technology” By Mr Thomas Ng
    Quoting Mr Ng,“with technology and the internet, we can reach most parts of the world”, I would like to add on another dimension regarding its complication. Our search engines are not as globalised as we like to think. There is an increasing amount of surveillance on our web sites. Our media world is very much influenced by political pressures. With this environmental background. We see our media content being shaped. Our content is edited, cut and pasted to suit different sets of political ideologies.
    This dissemination of information is further filtered by audiences varying interpretations based on our socio economic status, cultural background, gender and so forth. We would like to think that our audiences are ‘active’ rather than ‘passive’, that our choices are discerning and that we make our own decisions. But it would be naïve, should we be under the impression that media content that has been served up has no influence on our behaviour, our attitude, our cultural importance, values and beliefs. The extent of media psychological effects on readers are profound. The visual imagery, symbols, colours, language, put together all carry an ideological message.
    Do media conglomerates have the ability to control what messages the audiences receive? If so, the complicated question now, is how this affects the activities in where digital convergence is taking place in our world. Would a certain segment of audiences receive better advertising of their innovative products and greater diversity of content, this inevitably leading to the more attractive firms gaining popularity and having better exposure and being more informed? It is becoming increasingly obvious that The negative “long tail” concept of media and the ‘workings of the internet’ of which we seem frequently to be in, is a bubble that we equally cannot ignore.
    Thank you for reading,
    Mildred Jones

    1. Very well said, Mildred. Nothing is ever going to perfect, but the internet is in a very broad sense “democratizing” information. Whenever we see anything of interest to us on the internet, the tendency is for us to search for more information – reviews, forums, etc. Take advertising as an example. Who buys something just from an advertisement? We check for reviews and opinions online before making a decision. We post on social media to solicit feedback. This makes a lot of sense, as an advertisement will never mention any shortcomings of the product and service being advertised. The laws around advertising would surprise most people. You can get away practically with lying.

  7. Integrating answer of several needs, this Help desk is a simple, multiplex and good answer of combined requirements for children in these learning conditions.
    It is a perfectly appropriate innovative solution that enables children to learn with a smile and self-confidence.
    Everything starts with understanding of the situation and creative innovation in accordance with the needs. Imperative to provide self-respect above the uniformed standard labeling, healthy foundation for future open minds.

  8. I would like to say two words about Genashtim and its founders. It’s a great idea and, of course, a huge work to make it reality. You contribute to solve one of the main problem for PWD in all over the world. It is very inspiring. This is an opportunity for job seekers, and, why not, employers as well. Next to communication and job, it stimulates people to learn, research, explore and try to do more and better.
    As a supportive part of your vision, EPiC Online also is very important and useful tool to practice and train people. And I think you have developed an effective form with coaches from various countries, pronunciations and speech speed also.
    I wish you sustainability and success. New achievements and to spread to new countries, to reach more people in future 

  9. I believe that technology is the main factor when it comes to seeing something as innovative, but it is far from the only factor when referring to something as innovative. The reason that people see technology driven companies as innovative is the fact that they are the companies leading the charge into the digital age that we live in. The smartphone is an example of this; the innovation behind the smartphone changed the world forever. It changed the way people see innovation, it also opened the door to be innovative when it comes to products and service delivery.

  10. Innovation is the outcome of collective efforts where success depends on a much broader range of industries and social environment, not only on the field of science and technology. Technology takes different forms and what or how it has been effective in one’s job. It also gets all the media attention because it’s easy to understand and easy to explain, or at least easy to look at, like something shiny made out brushed aluminum that draws the gaze.
    Innovation can come from anywhere, and change anything. Innovation in economics allowed the more efficient allocation of wealth, under ideal circumstances generating more wealth that spread. Innovation of politics created nation states. The great innovations of mathematics allowed the understanding of the universe. Innovations of law created protections for people, allowing them to live, if not as freely as they’d like, at least in the security of knowing what protections they had.
    The greatest innovations are not shiny gadgets; the greatest innovations are those we don’t even notice because they’re everywhere, and in everything, and we cannot imagine living without them.

  11. Everyone has the right to learn and be educated no matter what their status is. The internet is very useful source of knowledge. Though you can almost find everything you need in the internet, the experience of being educated in a school is not the same when you just read or watch videos in the internet. That’s why eLearning is a very good way to share your knowledge and help learners experience schooling where they can express their thoughts freely with the trainer focused on the student, and gain knowledge and growth with the use of the internet while at home, free from discrimination.

  12. Watching those students sitting on the floor, reminded me of my first years in school when we didn’t have desks, so we had to sit on the floor, and I still can remember how hard it was to stay in that position for almost 5 hours. Anyway, I totally agree that innovation is not dependent on technology. I belong to Afghanistan, and the science exhibitions in schools, in faraway districts of Afghanistan, are all done without the use of internet of any modern technology. The students there make things with cardboards and simple mechanical tools which they find in nearby electronics repair shops. Everyone knows that technology plays a big role in the rapid growth of innovation, but innovation never was and never will be dependent on the technology.

  13. I also believe that innovation is not always linked to technology. Innovation is in simpler words revolution and for a revolution to start, we don’t need technology. All we need is commitment, passion and an eyesight for betterment.

  14. This is a great idea about innovation. It’s not always about the technology. Innovation means creating something new or enhancing something old. As they say “Out with the old and In with the new”.
    Innovation is an enlightenment to upgrading into something new.

  15. Agree. It is not just about the technology, it is how creative you are in making use of the technology to accomplish your goal. This is what I always tell my learners, especially my digital arts students, that tools are just tools, their creativity in making use of those tools will make them stand out.

  16. Innovation, is the action or process of innovating. Some people call it to adapt oneself into the present situations, to make some changes, either small or big. I have seen different kinds of innovation from around the world through the use of internet, which is a very important tool use so we could innovate on the different things that could be modified to make a person’s lifestyle or way of living a lot easier than the usual. Like learning, before we use to learn things in a classroom settings, personally listening from the things that our teachers discusses with us during the class, and reading from the books published by their printing company to be bought by the students long before the internet was invented. Before we used to take down notes and copy all the lectures from the blackboard or whiteboard, and record all the contents right into our corresponding notebooks and study them at home. When the Power Palm, or Palm V and other handheld digital organizers were invented, it revolutionized the way people take down notes, and the way people segregate or compile their files into different folders digitally, and it’s easy to carry around, and to use it without cluttering around the study area. It can also be synced with our computers or laptops. This kind of innovation can really make every study time fun, and techy in a way. But when the Millennium had entered, things were a bit hasty in a sense. The way things evolved were faster and innovations in learning began to pop up from every where in the world and revolutionizes every thing even more, from learning, food, accessibility for PWDs, equipments, medical needs, transportations, and people’s lifestyles. Yes, innovation isn’t just about technology, it is a way or a process of changing things, the way we adapt in this fast changing world. In India most of the children in the rural area used to attend class sessions without tables and chairs, a group helped these children out by making a portable table/bag for these children to use as a table when attending the class, and to be converted into a bag when they’re going home. I just hope that the group in India would try building table/bags and collapsible chairs from sturdy plastic materials too. There is also a project here in the Philippines, where a noon time variety show called “Eat Bulaga”, they’re collecting plastic bottles and other plastic materials from the different Barangays or Barrios, mostly from Metro Manila to be recycled in a plant or factory that ends into sturdy mono bloc plastic tables and chairs, which will be awarded to designated schools or institutions that are usually located in the rural areas that are hard to be reached by our government, thus, giving those Filipino children comfort and better learning experience not only for the batch, but for generations to come. Another innovation is through the use of media, like the compiled learning materials and Visual Presentations in VHS, VCD, DVD, and Flash drives that makes learning in the classroom or in our private rooms more fun and easier to understand by the students, no matter what their age is or from where they currently are. Now in the year 2018, there are lots of online courses that people from all around the world that can access and got enrolled, it’s an innovation that makes learning go a level up higher, because it makes people interact with each other, cultural boundaries are somehow weakened and disappears due to new friendships that are being formed between colleagues, and students from all around the world. This can also build up communities that are doing the same interests and in a process can really learn from each other, foundations, and organizations that are working for a common cause. Yes, innovation isn’t just about technology, but it connects technology to the different things that will help human kind not only to revolutionize his way of living, but to evolve into better humans in the future.

    Thank you.

  17. Innovation can be defined as the process of implementing of new ideas or methods that the volunteers of Refugee Learning Center has been doing. I still remember when we commenced this center we just had a marker, whiteboard, carpet and had only 18 students. Now we have more than 200 students and is a well-established community center. This is how it helped marginalized refugees to get education as an innovation to involve methods and strategies to make a meaningful impact on community and society. It could also be called as revolutionary innovation that changed people’s mindset about refugees as a society’s deprived people. Hence innovation is not about technology it’s all about creative way of living.

  18. innovation is for everything as far as human lives there will always be innovation
    ,and the best part is when you innovate you will create something more comfortable and more perfect
    innovation is what changes the world everyday if there will not be any innovation humans will become weak cause there might come a time where the old materials might not work
    innovation is to rethink and recreate for the comfort of yourself and others
    there is always an innovation needed so that the mistake of previous should be taken and new items should come with more things to offer
    innovation is to change the way you used to think for a better thing

  19. Of course Innovation is not just about technology, as I am thinking the innovation is an evolution of one concept to another until it reached the goal of development, in real now a days every small changes to build something new has relation to an innovation, so innovation is mindset and can effect on the routing activities we have in our life, the innovation cannot accrued easily it depend on human activities and challenges that they have to each other. For example if you want to have a good business you have to do some innovation in your business. Finally innovation is not just about technology we have to do it as anywhere that is needed.

  20. Innovation is defined as introduction of new idea in society rather it’s belong to technology or society, We need innovation everyday in our life, Like in video I have watched kids are studying on floor without any desk or modern studying methods, the innovation or idea was great to make a portable desk and also school bag with a very cheap cost.
    Innovations caused major changes into our daily life as we can see now the life is more easier then backward 10 years ago. Now our life is sarrounded by technology and this is how technology innovate new ideas into our daily lives, like we can study online, shop online, order food online, order transportation online even we can work online etc. So innovations is not only about technology it’s about all about new idea.

  21. Innovation is new way to use old invention. I Agree that innovation is not about technology only. It is to involve the practical implementation of an invention to make a meaningfull impact on society, Innovation is related to invention but not same. It is about to make the life and the future more comfortable around us,
    According to reasearchers innovation is also different from creativity, creativity concerns behavioral processes applied when attempting to generate ideas but inovation concerns the processes applied when attempting to implement new ideas.

    Innovation is something new using the inventions in order to make them more effective and usefull but using less energy.
    Innovative people are more likely to be successful then the hard working people.
    lots of examples around our daily life, especially in our work places it is more likely an innovative person to get promotion then other staffs.
    ( work smart, not hard)

  22. Well, innovation can be a mindset. I would like to say, innovation does not depend on some people, It depends on everyone. Depends on how they work and focus on one thing effectively because it can’t be taught at school, university or anywhere else and also does not depend on education as well. For example, in the past, the people were not educated enough but they invented many useful things for the world. If we want to create something in our real life. we have to create them in our mind first then we can invent and use them in our physical life. It depends on every individual person to imagine something and create it in our real life. Everybody can be an innovative person but require calm, peace, fresh environment and away from depression. (innovation is something that comes from the power of our minds, we can build the power of the mind through practice and researches)

  23. My personal belief is that innovation is not related only to technology . Centuries ago people didn’t have even a plate for having their food but nowadays we are drowned in technology and we need to find some way for flying to the sky and escape from difficulties ; it means we must find some solution for those who have complexity in our world or at least our society .
    So finding a solution for complexity and untangle those is an innovation .
    also technology’s innovation in our life is so important because, we can’t make new innovation without technologies .

  24. I’m sharing my comment here and I have my own opinion .
    my personal opinion is that innovation is not related only to technology . centuries ago people didn’t have even a plate for having their food and nowadays we are drowned in technology and we need to fly to the sky and escape from difficulties .
    finding a solution for untangling the complexity of those who have it really .
    but technology’s innovation also is so important for us because we can’t make a new innovation without the technology for example if a doctor wanna innovate a new treatment method; he must access to technology .
    hope that the innovation progress in all themes .

  25. Innovation is the mother of technology. Innovation is something which leads towards new ideas and new methods for doing different activities. But technology is application of things that we already know. A person who is innovative, doesn’t need any technology to be productive. There is no modern technology in most of the third world countries but still people live there and they do their activities through innovation. Innovation is something unique; something that has never been created before and it’s something that helps reduce the work load which finally leads towards technology. This means innovation isn’t dependent on technology at all. The world is full of innovative people and most of them don’t have any access to technology but still they innovate things; they make the work easier and they make the world a better place for others.

  26. I was impressed after watching the Help Desk video. It shows innovation combined with very simple technology .This is a wonderful initiative that will help many thousands of students in impoverished and underdeveloped countries. It will make study more comfortable and accordingly more efficient. So while innovation created technology which through improved education will in_turn create even more innovation. Across the world people are teaching and being taught with, or without technology .Innovation occurs in all countries. That innovation is usually in the most crucial areas of various communities .It is to be hoped that education is seen increasingly as the fundamental way of improving life through innovation across the globe and for all.

  27. Innovation is new way to use old invention. I Agree that innovation is not about technology only. It is to involve the practical implementation of an invention to make a meaningfull impact on society, Innovation is related to invention but not same. It is about to make the life and the future more comfortable around us,
    According to reasearchers innovation is also different from creativity, creativity concerns behavioral processes applied when attempting to generate ideas but inovation concerns the processes applied when attempting to implement new ideas.

    Innovation is something new using the inventions in order to make them more effective and usefull but using less energy.
    Innovative people are more likely to be successful then the hard working people.
    lots of examples around our daily life, especially in our work places it is more likely an innovative person to get promotion then other staffs.
    ( work smart, not hard)

  28. The imagination that innovation is defined as new machines, which help in developing technological advancements, is quite common nowadays. The reason is because people always differentiate past and present facilities and they call the changes innovation, and of course all the positive changes can be called innovation but not only regurding technology-based activities.
    In my opinion innovation is how people use their mind, ability and technology around them to make new dimensions of any performance and to increase benefits of a task, whether economical or technical, physical or spiritual.
    As shown in the attached video, with very simple facilities many students have got desks to study more comfortably, in this example, innovation is not the cardboard used to form the desks, but the idea and the result.

  29. The imagination that innovation is machines which help in developing technological advancements, is quite common among people nowadays. The reason why is because people always differentiate past and present facilities and they call the changes “innovation ” of course all the positive changes can be called innovation but not only regurding technology-based activities. In my opinion innovation is how people use their mind, ability and technology around them to make new dimensions of any performance and to increase benefits of a task, whether economical or technical, physical or spiritual. As shown in the attached video, with very simple facilities many students have got desks to study more comfortably. In this example, innovation is not the cardboard used to form the desks, but the idea and the result are.

  30. In my perspective it’s a misconception of ours to think that innovation is all about technology & discoveries in the field of science. Innovation is actually the process of formation of new ideas/techniques for further comfort. In order to make the world which we live in a better place, innovation is must! To provide useful & effective solutions you know.
    Indeed the internet plays the very main role to provide ease in every corner of the world.
    Gaining & imparting knowledge is all what we need right now if we’re seeking improvements & struggling for the better. Moreover it’s how we can expect satisfying outcomes.

  31. Innovation is something unique and something new. It is about being creative and original in your work and thinking, something that leads towards new ideas. It modifies the existing idea with the help of creative ideas for a better perspective. While, Technology is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes or applications, whether in industry or in our everyday lives. Technology is something we adapt for our betterment which allows us to do multitasking easily at the same time.

  32. In My perspective, I agree with the idea of “innovation is not just about the technology”. The secret to success is to work smarter not to work harder. Our smartness depends on our ideology and mindset. It has nothing to do with the technology because technology is one of the innovations of our brain so we can not give the credit of our mindset to our sub innovations like techs. If we are creative we can innovate things in economically and ecologically. While innovating something we have to start with the simple things to make it more accessible for people. For example in early ages people were using herbs for their disease even now those people who can not afford medicine from the stores they use herbs. For example basil plant can cure a fever, prevent diabetes, fights against cardiovascular diseases, dissolves kidney stones, gets rid of stress, gives a natural glow to your skin and hair, helps in preventing cancer.
    Mint can be very useful in treating indigestion, vomiting, sore muscles, abdominal pain, heartburn, chest pain, irritable bowel, fever, headaches and bad breath.

  33. I truly agree with the phrase that “innovation is not just about technology”. Whilst technology plays a significant role in innovation, there are other factors to be considered as innovation covers a wide area.
    In my opinion, innovation is linked to how we interact with each other face-to-face. For instance, during tutorials, students will interact with the lecturers for discussion. Lecturers will prepare some questions related to the particular topic and students will discuss in groups and present their answers after discussion. This will enhance understanding of a certain topic among students and at the same time improve communication skills among students.
    Next, innovation is also related to caring for students’ welfare. The job of a lecturer is not only to teach but to go to an extra mile to help students with special needs or those facing personal challenges. Although this is mainly the counsellors’ job, lecturers should also show their compassion and care so as to build a good harmonious relationship between lecturers and students as well as ease students’ burdens. From my own personal experience studying in the university, I have had a kind and caring lecturer who truly showed his care towards me not only in studies, but also my personal challenges. I believe this is innovation too.

  34. Innovation is not the same as technology, its more than that. When people talk about “innovation”, they usually mean new or improved technology. While technology usually forms the foundation of innovation, one crucial factor – namely the human one – is poorly understood in the overall equation. At its core, innovation is about the following three things: context, timing, and meeting some critical need. It simply means being inventive and creative in problem-solving that have absolutely nothing to do with technology. To consistently create solutions that benefits, you have to pay attention to the life, society and environmental components that so often get overlooked in today’s world.

  35. indeed innovation is not just about technology, Innovations should seek to be more broader than technology, from recycled materials to unwanted goods. Technology is often accessed by the middle class and not the man on the streets, Innovation should break that barrier. If it is only about Technology, the question remains is it accessible, Innovation should come from ideas that require less or no techology, Eg lightweight wheelchairs the dont require alot of technology but light material being used.

  36. Innovation has been around long before technology and the Internet. I suppose even technology and the Internet themselves are based on innovation.
    Innovation is defined by ( as “The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay.” It went on to say that the idea “must be replicable at an economical cost and must satisfy a specific need.”
    Merriam-Webster ( defines it as “the introduction of something new; a new idea, method, or device.”

    The above definitions fit the Help Desk innovation used in some schools in rural India, which is indeed an impressive feat, but there are other everyday products used worldwide which are equally impressive. Take, for example, a pencil and an exercise book. These were both great innovations in their time and have remained so. With them, we have come a far way from the days of writing on a slate. But back then, even the slate was a great innovation. There is no doubt that technology and the Internet will be the focus of innovation and innovative learning going forward, but there will also continue to be non-technological and non-Internet-related forms of innovation even by simple, everyday people who may have to be inventive and innovative in order to meet their own personal needs.

  37. As a human activity, technology predates both science and engineering. It is the embodiment of our ability as humans to produce practical, reproducible results by designing tools, machines, and procedures to simplify the problem-solving process. Today, with the pace of change we experience, it’s not unusual to hear about exciting new technologies or companies every day. Somewhere in the mix, we place so much emphasis on technology that we lose sight of the reasons why humans create new technologies in the first place. What’s worse is we create myths around those technologies where there are none.Technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical meansand their interrelation with life, society, andthe environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.

  38. The epitome of this blog is the same matrix of my “education is not only about information, but inspiration”, which I’m always telling every student I encountered and those who interviewed me for their thesis. Innovation is also an idea of our new spectrum as persons. It is a process of redefining our individual betterment and the key is to become self inspired for self empowerment of the things we want to deeply fathom. Both these innovation and inspiration are our inner technologies to drive us to learn what we want to achieve and where we want to go further.


    Innovation is an evolution of one concept or idea to a better one until it accomplishes the goal of development or growth at any field in a society.
    Of course rapid change of technology relates to innovation but in fact it’s one part of innovation. Innovation is considered as a mindset. Sometimes it’s the innovation that changes the mindset other times mindset creates innovation. The way us humans teach in schools nowadays is very different to the method we used hundred years ago; it’s an innovation and here we know that innovation changes the mindset.
    Innovation could be very simple change in a creative way. this can also be our life styles which changes during our life time for many times this proves that our mindset creates innovation even though small changes.
    The way the countries were ruled in the past(governmental system) is very different to modern governmental systems nowadays. It’s an evolution that causes innovation. In fact we have found a better idea. In other words we have innovated our governments considering human rights and democracy.
    Overall innovation is a change of mindset and way of thinking which can relate to technology or any creative change to other parts of concepts of our lives.

    Ahmad Basir Zaffari

  40. There is a proverb in my own language which says: The need is the mother of invention. Whenever people feel they have to find a solution for their difficulties, they will find a way. Innovation has a close relation with our necessities, so it is not just about access to technology. It is about how we see a situation, what we have at that moment and what we want to reach. It is also not just about touchable devices. There are many outstanding pioneers who opened new doors to human sciences, like the effective politicians who introduced new ideologies and caused massive revolutions in thoughts and lives of human being. I can also mention sociologists, teachers, ideologists, psychologists or theorists who established the bases of modern life. Hence innovation is a result of human’s willing for a change or responding to a demand.

  41. Innovation is about putting new ideas into practise. To improve livelihoods at homes and businesses, people are required to think outside the box, so that they can find better ways of dealing with situations earlier than later. It does not matter at what level in society an individual may exist, people are still required to adjust and suit the ever-changing dynamics of life in both business and life setups. Instead of waiting for change to come from outside forces, it is better to find seek for new approaches to situations in order to prepare challenges and avoid future problems in advance.

  42. I concur with the writer opinion. The perception that the innovation is only synonyms with the big technological advancement – I believe instil intentionally or unintentionally by the used of the word in the media in most of the time to describe the new technological advancement.
    The word innovation became buzz of the current day technological that’s why it did not appear to our mind when the word innovation mentions “small incremental” improvement that solve problems. To the stage where, it just doesn’t feel right to use the i words for that situations. The fact is when we go back to look at epistemology of the word, from where it started, and in what contexts it has been used – that aren’t supposed to be so.
    There are lots of the mainstream innovation were spark from people trying to make their daily activities improve or easier. M.I.T innovation expert mention that the mountain bike is not the product of industrial R&D it is home based innovation. This kind of innovation has economic value.
    It is important to realize, that we are the kind of species that utilize accumulative knowledge to be better we learn from others in innovating to improve our well being.

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