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Thomas Ng

For 25 years, Thomas has served in senior leadership positions in North Asia, South East Asia and Europe, for large multinational companies, including as Regional Managing Director – Asia for Rexam PLC. When he retired from corporate life, Thomas was President and Country Manager for ABB in the Philippines. He then embarked on a social entrepreneurship journey, serving on the boards of a number of foundations, before setting up Genashtim as a for-profit social enterprise. Thomas is one of UNESCAP’s seven “Promoters” for the new Asia and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities, 2013-2022. He has been invited as a speaker by ILO, OHCHR, World Blind Union, ICEVI, Asia Pacific Centre for Disability, The Nippon Foundation, and various universities including Sydney University, and Asian Institute of Management.

Since 1999, Thomas has been an active member of YPO/WPO, serving in many leadership positions, and was elected as Chairman for WPO in South East Asia for 2010-2012, during which time he was honoured with the Best of the Best Region award in WPO.

Thomas lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia and travels two-thirds of the time.

 Read more about Thomas’ speaking engagements, interviews, and board memberships.


About Genashtim

Genashtim Logo (Large)

Genashtim was set up in 2004 to bring world-leading eLearning programs to Asia. We have since developed our own online learning solutions, and embarked on other online support services.

We are very passionate about what we do because:

We believe that technology and the internet will become increasingly ubiquitous in our lives and in society.
Doing things online minimizes commuting, consumption, depletion of natural resources, and emissions.
Online learning and services are more accessible to marginalized societies and also enables marginalized societies to be sustainably employed in its delivery.

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16 thoughts on “About the Blogger: Thomas Ng”

  1. I had lunch with this man before,when i was in Xiamen.he is a good man,and handsome.keep up the good work Sir. I salute you.

  2. After my first electronic encounter with Thomas I became more convinced that the old adage, if you want something done, ask a busy man, still holds true.

    Despite all his commitments and full program, he responded with lightning speed (and in person) to my inquiry. This was super impressive!

    The “Blue Nowhere”, as the internet is also described, has certainly extended the horizons of people around the world. At the click of a button it is possible to access information on any conceivable subject.

    And online education is certainly the way forward – regardless of the specific form it takes.

  3. Dear Thomas,

    I have a daughter who is sitting for the SPM this November 2017.
    I know that she is not fully prepared and might not even a Certificate in the SPM exam. I have engaged a tutor and one of her friend now in college is also tutoring her. But sad to say she cannot do any past year question papers without help. Please tell me what should I do ????

  4. It is interesting getting to know more about the author of this amazing blog. Your life comes as an inspiration to many and we are pleased to be working with you on such a worthy cause. Many thanks Thomas.

  5. Dear Thomas,
    your experience and your efforts for may institutions, companies and centers makes every one interesting to struggle like to help and support others.
    your work is amazing!

  6. Dear Thomas,

    I have heard about your personality and experience a lot before we met last time at PLC with your lovely friends. I realized that you are very creative and supportive for the people who are around you. You can manage everything to give others some more chance to find themselves in better places with better work, job and education.

    I am really glad to say that good and big people like Mr. Thomas NG have good and big hearts which give them good character and positions. Good people always try to pull others up with themselves when they get bigger and better position in their lives. Let’s say they are very useful and helpful for the people in the world. I cannot write everything in a comment now but I really love to say that successful people frequently provide opportunities fort their nation and generation.

    I personally appreciate you ” Mr. Thomas NG ” for what have done for the people in the world and also for the coming generation. Good people are always good.

    You are a great man, Sir.

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